Mona Lisa Filler (Hard)


Monalisa Hard (CE Registered) with Lidocaine Derrmal Filler can be used to treat the deep layer of the skin layers, especially :

  • Lip Filler
  • Cheek Filler
  • Jaw Filler
  • Chin and facial oval

What is Monalisa (CE Registered) Filler with Lidocaine?

Monalisa is a hyaluronic acid-based Filler with Lidocaine. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance in the body of all of us, which moisturises the skin, eyes, some joints, connective tissues. What’s the most important – hyaluronic acid attracts water molecules, acting as emollients, resulting in facial structure that is more elastic and smoother.

Is Mona Lisa Hard Filler with Lidocaine safe?

Monalisa manufacturer complies with all international quality standards and rules that the procedure is safe and guaranteed customer satisfaction. The CE Reqistered certification makes is one of the most trusted Fillers in the Beauty & Aesthetics industry

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